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iiiNNO is a startup glocal (global & local) platform and works very closely with startup ecosystem partners and startup team. We are committed to collaborate with innovator and potential entrepreneur to solve paint point of problem of our daily lives through our events, preincubation program and local operation setup for foreign startup team. Headquartered in Taiwan, iiiNNO is founded in 2014 by early stage angel investor and entrepreneur and serves throughout Asia.

iiiNNO 是一個連結全球與在地的新創服務平台。我們和新創生態圈的夥伴及團隊密切合作,透過我們舉辦的活動、三 個月前育成加速輔導計畫,協助創新者及潛在的創業者從點子成形、驗證想法到成立新創團隊,真正解決問題背後的痛點。此外,我們也為國際新創團隊提供很完整 的接地服務,讓國際新創團隊能快速打進台灣及其他亞洲市場。iiiNNO的總部在台灣,2014年由一群創業者及天使 投資者共同成立,希望能服務全亞洲需要前育成的創業家。

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