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Why business fails: passion is essential but overrated. We need to focus on contribution and progress. 

Passion is a powerful word if the concept of the term is understood correctly. However, in my case, I misunderstood and felt that I had spent most of my life in a rabbit hole chasing my tale.  According to Wikipedia, passion “is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something. […]

公司超級好用連結 / Company Useful Links

在創業的過程,到底有哪些是常用到的網站資源呢? 尤其是針對國際創業者,不熟悉台灣的環境,希望透過以下的簡單地整理,能減輕在台灣營運公司需要投入的資源。   1.0 公司營運 / Company Operation 1.1 政府 / Government 稅務 / Tax 營業稅 / Sales Tax 所得稅 / Revenue Tax 房屋稅 / Property Tax 執行業務所得稅 勞保局 / Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry Of Labor: 官網 / Official Web:  勞保局線上申 / Bureau of Labor Insurance Online Application: 健保局 / National Health […]

日本做生意:常見新手 6 大誤觸地雷

在這五年非常榮幸陪伴二十多家台灣及國際新創,有機會接受東京、福岡及沖繩等地方社群及市縣府的合作和邀請,因此累積了點點滴滴的珍貴心得,一次整理給大家。這也是為什麼每次我們出發前,必定會舉辦兩個小時的「行前說明會」,就只為了讓參與者進行名片和禮物的交換演練。 (477)

iiiNNO Social Media & Website (FB, Line, IG, Podcast, LinkedIn)

iiiNNO Social Media

Welcome to the overview of iiiNNO’s social media and website. We are listing all of the key channels/groups by categories (i.e. official, groups, community, podcast) and as well inviting you all to participate based on your role (i.e. startup companies, ecosystem builders). Thank you for all of your support, and looking forward to see you […] iiiNNO Social Media

Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa Application FAQ

#1 what is the application process for Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa first step: location of application submission decide if you are applying with in Taiwan or apply from outside of Taiwan second step: nationality choose one of the 2 processes depends on your nationality non-HK & non-Macau HK & Macau third step: eligibility choose the eligibility […]

Launchpad Program for Hong Kong Startups

Taiwan welcomes talented entrepreneurs from Hong Kong and Macau to experiment, research, and create a company structure to create job opportunities and thrive in Asia. Successful applicant of the iiiNNO Launchpad Program for Hong Kong Startups is eligible to apply for the Taiwan Resident Visas for Entrepreneur. (1599)

[Resource] Entrepreneur Must-Read Notes 創業者必讀筆記

  what are the key critical concepts about starting a startup? These are hard lessons that I have personally learned through 2 failures of my business. These concepts are some of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship that we share to founders and startup companies in iiiNNO program and co-work spaces.  這些基本的論述都是從我自己兩次創業失敗中所學習到的,同時我們也是我們分享給予進駐在我們iiiNNO加速育成計畫及開放空間裡的創業者。           […]