to be a better entrepreneur in 90 days

to be a better entrepreneur in 90 days

how to be a better entrepreneur in 90 days? how about starting with making the right and better decision?

From my 2 failed venture/startup, I have always thought working hard and have passion about what you do will lead to success. But never really think about why the chance of failing especially when you are embarking with project that on one really has done or there is no prior example is over 95%. It’s funny that I have not really think hard about what I need to do differently in order to achieve and put myself as the other 5%.

There are actually 3 area of improvements that every entrepreneurs need to start to be better and great

  1. Industry know-how and network (IN)
  2. Framework and method of starting a startup vs a business (FM)
  3. Entrepreneur mindset (EM)


1. Industry Know-How / Network / Resource (INR)

  • 1.1 Industry Know-How
  • 1.2 Network
  • 1.3 Resource

2. Framework/Method/Tools (FMT)

  • 2.1 Framework (structure and direction. guideline with flexibility)
  • 2.2 Method (way of getting things done)
    • 2.1.1 Lean Startup (Build/Measure/Learn)
    • 2.2 (Idea/Offer/MVP/Product)
  • 2.3 Tools
    • 2.3

3. Entrepreneur Mindset (EM)

  • 3.1 be 110% Responsible (no blame/ no criticism / no excuses)
  • 3.2 fixed vs growth mindset
  • 3.3 grit (passion and perseverance for long term goal)





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