Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa Application FAQ

#1 what is the application process for Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa first step: location of application submission decide if you are applying with in Taiwan or apply from outside of Taiwan second step: nationality choose one of the 2 processes depends on your nationality non-HK & non-Macau HK & Macau third step: eligibility choose the eligibility […]

iiiNNO Program & Space Fee & Application

Coworking Space / 共同工作空間 Day Pass / 一日使用   Plan A / 方案A Target Customer / 目標客群 freelancers and entrepreneurs strong desire to be part of iiiNNO startup ecosystem and work independently while enjoying the entrepreneurship environment.  Price / 方案 Fix Seat: 6,000NT Hot Seat: 4500NT Application Process / 申請流程 meet iiiNNO at iiiNNO bi-weekly […]

Launchpad Program for Hong Kong Startups

Taiwan welcomes talented entrepreneurs from Hong Kong and Macau to experiment, research, and create a company structure to create job opportunities and thrive in Asia. Successful applicant of the iiiNNO Launchpad Program for Hong Kong Startups is eligible to apply for the Taiwan Resident Visas for Entrepreneur. (1200)

[Resource] Entrepreneur Must-Read Notes 創業者必讀筆記

  what are the key critical concepts about starting a startup? These are hard lessons that I have personally learned through 2 failures of my business. These concepts are some of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship that we share to founders and startup companies in iiiNNO program and co-work spaces.  這些基本的論述都是從我自己兩次創業失敗中所學習到的,同時我們也是我們分享給予進駐在我們iiiNNO加速育成計畫及開放空間裡的創業者。           […]

11/13 Master Class Reading Club: ANGEL 矽谷新創投資大師的千倍收成策略《讀書會筆記》

書名:《天使歷險記:拿十萬走進一級市場,矽谷新創投資大師的千倍收成策略》 作者:傑森·卡拉卡尼斯 導讀講師:Jeffery Liu 劉正仁 老師   新創大師讀書會進在11/11晚間第二次碰撞出火花,具有豐富創投經驗的講師Jeffery Liu,以《天使歷險記》這本書,讓我們深入探討,如何成為天使投資人,而他們又是怎麼選擇新創團隊。 (80)

10/14 Master Class Reading Club: Smart Leaders Smarter Teams《讀書會筆記》

書名:《學習的領導,打造成長的團隊》 作者:羅傑●史瓦森 導讀講師:BEN 林聖修 導師介紹: Ben現職為丞鑫企管負責人,同時是企業顧問、講師、教練。他是一位Strategic Thinker & Behavior Observer。 透過書中的的技巧,BEN林聖修導師引導大家從情境中深度思考,將書本的知識實際運用在職場中,在10/14晚上展開一段充實的對談。 (93)

iiiNNO Master Class Reading Club

Introduction of Reading Club / 讀書會介紹 Welcome to iiiNNO Master Reading Club. The goal is create a platform where entrepreneurs and professionals meet with additional elements of mentoring from mentors who wishes to connect and pass on knowledge.  Reading Club Key Stakeholders / 讀書會主要成員 (利害關係者) Reading Club Participants: anyone wishes to expand knowledge / mindset […]

【How-To】What does startup CEO need to do? How to be a better and stronger startup CEO?

Regardless of what reason brought you to this article, whether if you and your co-founder are deciding who should be the CEO or if you are working for a startup and trying to assess how you can help your team or your CEO or you simply want to become a better and stronger startup CEO, […]

iiiNNO Community | giving-first and co-create

1.1 What is the iiiNNO Community? iiiNNO Community welcomes like-minded entrepreneurs and co-workers who believe strongly in the core value of “giving-first” and “co-create” to achieve 10x growth individually in one’s startup company and projects.  (video credit to Ryan Li, co-founder of Meitefusi)  The community evolves and grows stronger throughout time with close collaboration […]

Taiwan Entrepreneur Visa – one of the top programs in Asia

Taiwan is the 2nd country that launched the Entrepreneur Visa program in Asia. Currently, countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand implemented to attract talented global entrepreneurs to experiment, research, and create a company structure to create job opportunities and thrive in Asia. 1.0 What is Entrepreneurship Visa (Startup Visa)? Why is it important for countries […]

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