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Team List: Japan 3-Weeks Acceleration Camp – Okinawa Fall 2021 Edition

By |September 25th, 2021|Categories: Startup Mindset / 新創思維|

Thank you so much for all the teams who took the time and effor to apply. The selection team is from both representative of Startup Lab Lagoon (Japan) from Okinawa, Japan and iiiNNO (Taiwan). [...]

公司超級好用連結 / Company Useful Links

By |August 8th, 2021|Categories: Resource / 資源|

在創業的過程,到底有哪些是常用到的網站資源呢? 尤其是針對國際創業者,不熟悉台灣的環境,希望透過以下的簡單地整理,能減輕在台灣營運公司需要投入的資源。   1.0 公司營運 / Company Operation 1.1 政府 / Government 稅務 / Tax 營業稅 / Sales Tax 所得稅 / Revenue Tax 房屋稅 / Property Tax 執行業務所得稅 勞保局 / Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry [...]

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