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how to be global entrepreneur (state/mindset/self-growth)

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Desired State of Entrepreneur (you are in the zone) Focuses in 「solving a problem」,gain 「sale order」on DAY #1. Not just be 「passionated」about your project,but be「compelled」&「obsessed」about the vision/impact of your project. Be responsible: 100% accountable and 0% excuses [...]

Elon Musk | How not to be the 99% fail, but to be 1% succeed

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Want to learn from one of the most inspiring serial entrepreneurs on how to be the potential “1%” of the companies succeed and stay away from the potential “99%” of the companies on the path of failure? Below is a [...]

how can startup create a movement and habit

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The Big Idea: Create a movement and habit   Speaking   Author Interview Habit is a behavior create without consciously thinking. habit is when not doing thing, pain occurs. Do you want your startup to be a pain killer or [...]

創業的第一步,到底是要找人還是想點子啊? 原來是要先突破自己的天花板!

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創業不就是透過自己澆不息的熱情,找到一群可以信任互補技能的朋友或夥伴,來實現自己的想法,創造出一個有價值能賺錢的生品或服務嗎? 這就不是我們長期社會或書籍裡所描述的創業手法嗎? 如果不是,那創業的第一步到底要幹嘛啊? 那如果真的是要突破自己的天花板,那這個到底是哪樣的狀況呢? […]


[learning / 學習] what is machine learning and its 7 steps

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Machine Learning (ML) is simply "using data to answer question". The key to machine learning is gather a sets of data, and inputting unseen data for future prediction for reference or decision making. [...]

[learning / 學習] start machine learning with 6 lines of code / 六行程式碼開啟機器學習

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About The Lesson and Instructor Gosh Gordon  is an Developer Advocate for TensorFlow at Google Computer science education and outreach from New York.  Gosh created few YouTube tutorials for first time machine learning students who wants to quickly [...]

7/30 iiiNNO 快報: <7/31> Startup Grind 首次 and <8/7> 三場關鍵活動: Happy Hour/群體輔導/ 三周學習營

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希望透過「iiiNNO infinity 快報」,讓我們合作夥伴及育成的國內外團隊,更容易掌握近期的規劃及同時確認我們所提供的資源是大家所需要的。所有的投入都是讓大家能更快速達成的創業目標及克服近期的挑戰。 1.0 近期活動及事務 / Upcoming activities & events (1.1) 7/31: Startup Grind 國際活動 > 區塊鏈商業模式 @ iiiNNO infinity 說明: 超開心能有機會一起來支持「Startup Grind Taiwan」這次本月的活動。我們將提共場地的贊助,也很開心有四張公關票可可以送出! 團隊如何參於: 如果有新創團隊,對區塊鏈議題有興趣,請和樂樂或Ines聯絡。我們有為我們育成團隊或導師準備四張的公關票。 活動資訊: 報名網頁: 單位介紹: 「Startup Grind」是全球最大的創業者社群,志在教育並啟發創業者,並連結世界各地 200 座以上城市,超過 40 萬位創業者。這個 2010 年由連續創業家 Derek Andersen、Spencer Nielsen 成立於矽谷的組織,迄今已舉辦超過 [...]