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iiiNNO is fortunate to be part of the growth of many startup ecosystems in Asia.

Why joining the iiiNNO community?

Let’s hear from what our members have to say about what so special about the iiiNNO community and why they all join.  iiiNNO is so grateful to receive a gift from members of our community with the surprise video our entrepreneurs in our program made on their own. Big appreciation to Rayan from Meitefusi who gathered the members to embark on the journey of making this video.



History of iiiNNO journey to community building

Where community initiative has started (2011) 

In 2011, the co-founder of iiiNNO David, without knowing much about the startup work scene, embarked on the fantastic journey of startup ecosystem building and co-organizing the first Startup Weekend event Taiwan.

iiiNNO incubation and acceleration program is inspired by the Startup Weekend event and was so honored and life-changing experience to be part of the first-ever startup weekend even in organized by the


The birth of iiiNNO

In 2016, iiiNNO officially launched in addressing the need of early-stage single founder or startup companies to validate ideas and search for the first customer. Soon we found ourselves in the space of “pre-incubation” with the work we had done, and most customers are people with ideas or school projects hoping to turn into something sustainable or meaningful.

To further help people who have yet decide to devote to the business entirely, but have the burning desire to investigate further the big ideas while facing challenges in finding resources like financial, mentorship, or space, we step in. In 2017 we officially launched a “Taiwan Puzzle-Up Startup Ecosystem” project. We group the early-stage resource and entrepreneur into a messenger chat group and co-create a Taiwan startup ecosystem map.


Cross border collaboration


APAC collaboration in COVID-19 world

ASEC is born on April 26, 2020, after Jeffrey Ling (director of MNT ventures / ex-TSS) and David (co-founder of iiiNNO) co-founded ASEC (APAC Startup Ecosystem Community) to foster continuing dialogue with the mind of cross-border/inclusive/complimentary. Until today, the group has more than 1000 members for less than five months, and have implemented different initiatives with the signature event Happy Hour and VC Office Hour.




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