David is the co-founder of iiiNNO, an international startup launchpad designed for committed startups to grow 10x by generating sales in 2 new Asian markets (Japan/Taiwan/Thailand/India) in 10 months. He mentors early-stage founders and invests in AIoT enabled companies with 25K to 50K USD.

Moreover, David advises central and local governments in Asia on cross-border market access and startup cluster building policies. He curates the Taiwan startup ecosystem map with over 500 volunteers and brought over 50 startups teams to pitch and conduct market access research in Japan / Korea / China / Singapore / Thailand / Finland.

He is all about building an inclusive ecosystem and co-creates with entrepreneurs to make an impact that matters. He commits to international initiatives such as serving in GEN Asia as vice-chair person, co-organizing startup programs like startup weekends in Taiwan and Startup Grind Taipei. David devotes his life to entrepreneurship education and has shared knowledge of business model / learn startup/building of A+ team with over 3,000 people to date. He taught 3-semesters of entrepreneurship and innovation in a private university in Taiwan to master class students and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. studies while attempting to position Taiwan as the next AIoT Hub in Asia.


David 是 iiiNNO 的聯合創始人,iiiNNO 是一個國際初創公司啟動平台,旨在通過在 10 個月內在兩個新的亞洲市場(日本/台灣/泰國/印度)產生 10 倍的銷售額增長10 倍。’

他指導早期創始人並投資於AIoT 使公司擁有 25,000 至 50,000 美元。 此外,David 為亞洲中央和地方政府就跨境市場准入和創業集群建設政策提供建議。他與 500 多名志願者一起策劃台灣創業生態系統地圖,並帶領 50 多個創業團隊在日本/韓國進行市場准入研究/ 中國 / 新加坡 / 泰國 / 芬蘭。

他致力於建立一個包容的生態系統,並與企業家共同創造重要的影響。他致力於國際倡議,例如在GEN Asia擔任副總裁,共同組織台灣創業周末和Startup Grind等創業項目台北. David畢生致力於創業教育,至今已與超過3000人分享商業模式/學習創業/建立A+團隊的知識。他在台灣一所私立大學教授3個學期的創業與創新大師班學生,目前正在攻讀博士學位,同時試圖將台灣定位為亞洲的下一個 AIoT 中心。

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Taiwan Startup Ecosystem @ Computex 2017

Sharing Taiwan Startup Ecosystem on 2017/06/01 at CPX by Computex. 

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