Achieve 10x growth
Market access in 3 Months

Japan | Taiwan | HK | Singapore | Thailand | India

iiiNNO is a startup launchpad company.
We work with entrepreneurs to achieve 10x growth in Asia new market.

Seed/angel stage co-investment with like minded angel network for global expansion

Boot camp for fundraising/government resource/global market access in 3~6 months

3 months 1-to-1 10X growth mentorship program with advisory board

Corporate Partner

We believe corporation & startup collaboration are also essential to the development
of new industry and ecosystem. Not only corporation are great channel and resource provider ,
but also one with input of startup, can turn the industry and setting new trends

Explore & Discover The Possibilities in 10 Weeks

很慶幸能夠加入iiiNNO的新創團隊, 這是一個充滿新創能量的地方,擁有許多厲害優秀的新創人,一起塑造出一個共創打群架的環境,來到這邊讓我感覺不再只是一個人!非常推薦新創圈的朋友一起加入iiiNNO!」

Ari, 秦月

Global Mentor Network
powering the growth and progress of startups

Dave Moskovitz
Dave MoskovitzDirector, Think Tank Consulting Limited
Dave is an experience serial entrepreneur, company director, and startup investor with deep roots in software development and Internet technologies. Based in New Zealand, Dave has helped numerous startups achieve product-market fit and global scale.
Yatin K Thakur
Yatin K ThakurFounder of Startup India & CoworkIn
Yatin K Thakur, is a serial entrepreneur based in India. He is co-founder of Startup India and founder of CoworkIn India. Moreover, he is MD of GEN India and has faciliated various startup weekend.
Alec Liu
Alec LiuGeneral Manager/Co-Founder, Mizeo
Alec founded three different companies within 6 years and plays different roles of professional managers, investors and entrepreneurs. He loves to mentor and assist potential and upraising entrepreneurs to excel.
Bryan Hung
Bryan HungLawyer,TaipeiLaw Law-at-Attorney
Bryan Huang has been involved in investment and business law for more than a decade and had assisted dozens of venture capitals in investing semiconductor company and startups in Taipei. Besides, he had also assisted hundreds of startups in equity design, business model reviews, contract reviews, investment terms negotiation and company incorporation.

Now, Bryan is expanding his legal services to the global market, including Taiwan, China, the Philippines, and Thailand. “

Arthur Chen
Arthur ChenExecutive Director, BE Capital
A serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Arthur works at BE Capital, a healthcare focused investment firm, where he manages and invests a portfolio of medical technology ventures in the USA and Greater China.
Dien Chang
Dien ChangPartner, Deloitte and Touche
Audit Partner at Deloitte Taiwan and also the leader for startup service group. Major client including CHT, Hua Nan Financial Holding and ASLAN Pharma. Well experience in helping startups for all accounting/corporate structure/tax related questions.
Lillian Lu
Lillian LuCustomer Success, Nulab
Lillian spearheads community management and business development in Taiwan for Nulab Inc. Nulab is a leading collaboration software company based in Fukuoka, Japan. Lillian believes that collaboration and impact are key to success. She has organised many startup and tech events in both Taiwan and Japan to increase international collaboration. Girl in Tech recognised her as Girl in Tech under 40 in Taiwan for her contribution in Taiwan technology industry.
Hsisheng Sun
Hsisheng SunProject Manager,
Startup mentor with more than 10 years experience and has tremendous knowledgeable with government incentive program and resource.

Reports & Public Speech
news about iiiNNO


Innovation Partner
co-create and launch globally

Startup Network Partner
accelerate the building of ventures

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