*APPLICATION dEADLINE: 2021/09/22 WED 11:00pm

*PROGRAM DURATION: 2021/09/30 – 2021/10/18

*PRIZE BENEFIT: 1 year free space + 36 Japanese companies matching (Okinawa Startup Friendly Program)


Why OKInawa

Okinawa is not only one of most desired travel location in Asia, but is growing to be one of the most active startup region with its 10-years commitment to become world’s most active and vibrant startup ecosystem:

  • international facing startup ecosystem with goal to support startup companies to enter to Japan with English and Chinese support. 
  • Japan startup ecosystem entrance, with connection point to various ecosystem like Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka city’s startup hub and community.
  • multi-culture environment to ease the barrier of learning new language, culture and business etiquette.  

Program Schedule

Week #1: 2021/09/30

> Session #1: 1:30PM Taiwan Time / 2:30PM Japan Time 

  • session by iiiNNO from Taiwan.

> Session #2: 2:30PM Taiwan Time / 3:30PM Japan Time

  • session by Startup Lab Lagoon & speakers from Okinawa, Japan.

Kenichiro Toyosato
Representative, Startup Lab Lagoon

Topic: Startup support ecosystem in Okinawa (10 min)

Kyo Teijyo
Special Coordinator, Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation

Topic: Regarding Business Concierge Okinawa / 關於沖繩外商投資服務窗口 (5 min)


Anju Chinen
Intern, Startup Lab Lagoon


Topic: Japanese business etiquette (15 min)

David Kuo
Co-Founder & CEO, iiiNNO


Topic: How to succeed in Japan (30 min)

Week #2: 2021/10/07
(Online Speed Match)

> Session #1: 1:30PM Taiwan Time / 2:30 Japan Time

Hikaru Kanemura
Strategist, IT Innovation and Strategy Center Okinawa(ISCO)


Kenichiro Toyosato
Representative, Startup Lab Lagoon


Hikari Nonaka
Co-Representative, Startup Lab Lagoon


Week 3: 2021/10/18

Session #1: 1:30PM Taiwan Time / 2:30PM Japan Time:

  • Preparation
  • Dress rehearsal with Startup Lab Lagoon from Japan

Session #2: 2:30PM Taiwan Time / 3:30PM Japan Time: 

  • Official pitch to the Japanese ecosystem. (only selected team meeting the criterion will be invited) 

Kunihiro Shimoji


Ikuma Takara
琉球銀行 地方創生 主任



Anything you want to know about the program

Is this an equity free program?

Yes, it is an equity free program.

What is the cost of the program?

Free. Both iiiNNO from Taiwan and Startup Lab Lagoon from Japan are sponsoring the program with support of Taiwan and Japan government.

Who should apply for the program?

  • Startup companies with strong intention to expand to Japan with 3 to 6 months. 
  • Startup companies already investors funded in seed or pre-A stage. 
  • Entrepreneurs with strong desire to learn Japanese culture and business conduct with objective to make sales and build strong partnership. 

What to expect of this program?

  • It is an intensive and result driven program. Please be expected to put 110% effort into the 3 weeks in order to get the maximum value of the program. 
  • By the end of the program, the startup team will 
    • gain more understanding of doing business in Japan. 
    • build a new startup ecosystem network or enhance your existing one. 
    • connect with Japanese corporates 
    • chance to receive a free seat in Startup Lab Lagoon

About Okinawa Startup Ecosystem

Program Organizer & Supporter

co-organizer / 共催 / 共同主辦


advising / 監督 /指導單位


supporting / 協力 / 支持單位