8 Weeks Preincubation Program

8 Weeks Preincubation Program 2017-01-13T01:29:28+00:00

Week#1: 如何找到對的市場及有急迫性的社會問題


  • Stakeholder Map: 透過地圖呈現方式,找到直接及間接的利害關係人
  • Persona: 藉由Persona的架構,清楚的說明和自己服務或商品客戶或使用者的背景說明


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Week#1: How to find the right market and identify a compeling problem needed to be solve in the society

Workshop: Finding the market and target of your product/service 

  • Stakeholder Map: show both direct and indirect stakeholder who have positive or negative influence on your product/service, in a format of a map.
  • Persona: Using the structure of persona, explain clearly the profile of the user and customer of your product/service.

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