Team List: Japan 3-Weeks Acceleration Camp – Okinawa Fall 2021 Edition

Thank you so much for all the teams who took the time and effor to apply. The selection team is from both representative of Startup Lab Lagoon (Japan) from Okinawa, Japan and iiiNNO (Taiwan).

The decision are made based on 

  • ability to collaborate and assist with resource from program and its partners. 
  • possibility to invest and co-create after the end of the program.
  • proposed used case and its feasibility


selection team list: Japan 3-weeks acceleration program – Okinawa Fall 2021 Edition

1 AiAi Asia brand Consultancy Ltd.
2 Aiseed Tech
3 BlueBeard Studio Co. Ltd
4 Funliday Inc.
5 Mindfio
6 Play art international Limited Company
7 XTRA Sensing


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NEXT STEP: team selected

  1. Join discord:
    1. For team that are selected, please join and type your team name and your team. 
  2. Complete review and signing of the contract and investment term sheet
    1. For team join the discord, we will send you the contract and investment term sheet via Pandadoc (electronic signing)
    2. Once signed, we will also kindly ask your team to company stamp and return the copies by end of Tuesday 9/28
  3. Be ready for week 1 program
    1. The week 1 program will be on 9/30 and conducted in discord. 




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