Asia Market Access (TW/JP/TH/IN)

Highly interested in entering in Asia market and grow your revenue? Whether if you are just about to conduct research or ready to conduct a prototype or POC project or in process of setting up a R&D/operation team in Taiwan, we are here to advise and help.

Our iiiNNO launchpad program is designed for startup companies with strong desire to access more than 2 countries in 10 months, with potential 25K to 50K USD investment.

Startup Visa / Residence (TW/JP/TH)

Want to obtain residence status via startup program in Taiwan / Japan / Thailand? We are here to assist with our ecosystem pass program where we are dedicated to help like-minded entrepreneurs through the journey of not simply applying, but providing support during the process of navigating in the new startup ecosystem and country.

Co-Working With CoCreation

Entrepreneurs in our program are building together one of most vibrant Asia startup community. It’s not simply just a seat, but having other early stage entrepreneurs from Europe / America / Asia with commitment to co-create is the secrete sauce to overcome the challenges and accelerate your progress during the bootstrap and resource/time constrained environment.

iiiNNO Asia Partner

Fukuoka Startup City

Fukuoka City, Japan

Startup Lagoon Koza

Okinawa City, Japan

Indiarath Incubator







Hong Kong


Hong Kong






Taipei City, Taiwan

Taiwan Start-up Hub


iiiNNO Coworking & Additional Services

Ecosystem Pass
3,000 NT
non-fixed seat
Prepaid or Monthly
✓ network meetup

✓ deposit for grantee community co-creation

Hot Seat Pass
4,500 NT
non-fixed seat
Monthly paid
✓ network meetup

✓ group coaching

Fixed Seat Pass
6,250 NT
dedicated seat
Monthly paid

✓ network meetup
✓ group coaching

iiiNNO co-working service is located on 2nd floor of Terminal C,
one of the largest private startup cluster in Taiwan.

Additional services includes

  • (1) address rental & mail forward service

  • (2) startup visa program

For Entrepreneurs & Startup Companies

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