• Accelerated Startup Program / 加速新創計畫

Businessman drawing increase Business graph, motivation concept. Business plan to accelerate business growth.

Design for startup team and potential entrepreneur to eliminate the effort and time needed to explore the path to success. Mentorship focuses in 1st round investment, team formation and market & biz model validation.


  • 2 Month Incubation with 1-1 mentorship / 兩個月加速進駐一對一輔導
  • 8 Weeks Ideas Camp / 八週點子驗證營
  • 10 Weeks Asia Market Access Camp / 十週亞洲市場拓展營
  • Accelerated Learning Program / 加速學習計畫

learning concept with education elements

Our accelerated learning program gives startup entrepreneurs the most effective way to aquire new knowledge and required mindset to increase the chance to succeed and push business to the next level.


  • 3 weeks learning camp / 3週學習營
  • startup tour / 新創參訪團
    • Fukuoka Japan startup visa and ecosystem tour / 日本福岡創業簽證及生態圈參訪
    • Tokyo Japan fud raising and partnership tour / 日本東京募資及合作夥伴參訪
  • 1-to-1 Consulting Program / 一對一顧問計畫
  • 6 months startup BD and fund-raising service / 6 個月市場拓展及募資服務
  • 6 months startup soft landing service / 6 個月新創國際落地服務
  • Government project service / 政府專案委託服務
  • Corporate in-house innovation/startup program and training / 輔導企業內部新創或新創計畫,及相關訓練