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iiiNNO Social Media

Welcome to the overview of iiiNNO’s social media and website. We are listing all of the key channels/groups by categories (i.e. official, groups, community, podcast) and as well inviting you all to participate based on your role (i.e. startup companies, ecosystem builders). Thank you for all of your support, and looking forward to see you in all of our social media initiatives.

1.0 List of channels

Here is a list of the social media channels, podcasts, and websites. Thank you for always supporting iiiNNO in our development of our community and service.

1.1A iiiNNO Official Page & Channel

The official pages and channels are places where the iiiNNO team shares and updates our latest info including events and news updates of our startup teams and ecosystems.

1.1A-1 iiiNNO Official Page & Channel / 粉絲專頁及頻道

1.1A-2 iiiNNO Other Purpose Page / 其他用途官方

1.1B iiiNNO Group & Community

The group and community channels are essential to the development of the iiiNNO startup program and network and as well our way to contribute to the development of various startup ecosystems. Each group and communities have its own purpose and iiiNNO will do in our best capacity to update/merge/delete according to the needs of our key stakeholders.

1.1B-1 via Discord 

  • http://iiinno.network/ for active startup companies and partners engaging with us on a daily and weekly basis. Discord is the official communication channel among the start companies in our team, especially the ones are in our space at Terminal C.
  • http://ase.community/ for anyone who wishes to connect to key stakeholders of Asia startup communities. You will be able to connect to people by countries, roles, and community initiatives.

1.1B-2 via Facebook Group

  • http://bit.ly/iiiNNO-Group-Asia-Startup-Community-FBGroup for entrepreneurs, startup companies, startup service providers, ecosystem builders to connect and share the latest news for Asia. (Asia startup community – anyone can join)
  • http://bit.ly/iiiNNO-Group-Friends-Supporter-FBGroup for anyone who wishes to collaborate, support, and co-create with iiiNNO to better serve our startup companies and founders and as well contribute to the development of the ecosystem. (iiiNNO supporting the community – iiiNNO supporter, partner, and startup companies only)
  • http://bit.ly/iiiNNO-Group-Startup-Program-FBGroup for startup companies, founders, and our iiiNNO mentor/partner/investment network to connect and collaborate. (iiiNNO startup and mentor/investment network – iiiNNO startup and mentor/investment network only)
  • http://bit.ly/iiiNNO-Group-Talent-Network-FBGroup for any startup companies that wish to recruit and share the latest job posting for full-time/part-time and internship opportunities. (Job posting community – anyone can join)

1.1B-3 via LINE OpenChat

  • http://bit.ly/iiiNNO-Community-Line-OpenChat (iiiNNO社群聯絡網) for anyone who wishes to stay up to date and be part of the development of our program and events during the co-creating process. (iiiNNO community – anyone can join)
  • http://bit.ly/Startup-Internship-Community-Line-OpenChat (新創實習討論) for anyone who wishes to share the opening of internship of startup companies and co-collaborate for future startup internship related events and program. (internship community – anyone can join)

1.1B-4 via LinkedIn Group

1.1C iiiNNO Podcast

1.1C-1 iiiNNO Podcast channel / 頻道

2.0 How to get started and which one to sign-up

If you would like to join our social media channels or get involved with the co-creation process or simply just want to stay up to date with our news and event, blow is a suggestion on which social media channel to join.

2.1 for entrepreneurs & startup companies

2.1A-1 if you are part of iiiNNO startup program

if you are part of iiiNNO startup program (e.g. iiiNNO launchpad/acceleration camp), please join both our Facebook group and LinkedIn group for startup companies and mentor/investment networks.  This is exclusive for entrepreneurs enrolling in our program.

2.1A-2 if you are not part of iiiNNO startup program

if you are not part of iiiNNO startup program and would like to stay in touch, please join our community channels

2.2 for ecosystem builders

2.3 for event and news promotion


3.0 Stats

Here is a quick stats of our key channels

# channel 2021/04/25 2021/05/25 2021/06/25
1 FB Page 6,695
2 IG Page 246
3 LinkedIn Page 22
4 FB Group: Asia Startup Community 1,606
5 FB Group: Talent Network 1,331
6 Discord: Asia Startup Ecosystem Community (ASEC) 1,083
6 Line OpenChat: iiiNNO 65
6 Line OpenChat: Taiwan Startup Ecosystem


iiiNNO Social Media



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