Steve Jobs top 10 wisdom for success

Steve Jobs top 10 wisdom for success


Jobs has many great wisdom, and we just found an youtube video that showcased some of the great portion of his many top sharing at different ages.

Steve Jobs Top 10 Wisdom for Success

1. don’t live a limited life 不要限制自己的生命

2. have passion 擁有熱情

3. design for yourself 自己動手設計

4. don’t sell crap 不要賣垃圾

5. build a great team 建立一個超強的團隊

6. don’t do it for the money 不要為了錢而做事

7. be proud of your products 以自己的產品為傲

8. build around customers 從客戶出發

9. marketing is about values 行銷就是展現價值

10. stay hungry stay foolish 求知若飢,虛心若愚




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