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除了政府設立的育成聚落、民間加速器,有很多的大專院校裡都有附設新創育成單位,很榮幸這次iiiNNO受北科大新創新育成中心的邀請,一起共同舉辦創業夥伴媒合工作坊! (203)

iiiNNO Social Media & Website (FB, Line, IG, Podcast, LinkedIn)

iiiNNO Social Media

Welcome to the overview of iiiNNO’s social media and website. We are listing all of the key channels/groups by categories (i.e. official, groups, community, podcast) and as well inviting you all to participate based on your role (i.e. startup companies, ecosystem builders). Thank you for all of your support, and looking forward to see you […] iiiNNO Social Media