Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Project


Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Directory (http://bit.ly/taiwan-startup-ecosystem-map-by-iiiNNO) and Map are products of「Puzzle-Up Taiwan Ecosystem Map」project, initiated by iiiNNO with support of a group of over 150 volunteers since 2014.

The project started over a dozen volunteers in Facebook group chat, and the group has grown over 150 people. Through out the months, key stakeholders of different roles of startup ecosystem, came together to collaborate and learn how to work as a team to accelerate the growth of ecosystem.

If there is any suggestion or question, please kindly contact us ( david [at] iiino.co).


台灣新創生態圈通訊錄 (http://bit.ly/taiwan-startup-ecosystem-map-by-iiiNNO)及地圖是「拼湊台灣新創生態圈」計畫的兩大產出。此計畫是由iiiNNO 及目前一百五十多位義工協助,在2014六月開創的。


如果有任何建議或問題,請和我們聯絡 ( david [at] iiino.co).

Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Directory / 台灣新創生態圈通訊錄

We welcome everyone to add or edit the information to this ecosystem directory.  Please kindly click on “add” or you may also claim the information and update it.


Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Map / 台灣新創生態圈地圖

note: 感謝Startup Nations四月份在官網,分享了台灣的生態圈地圖給所有的超過五十多個會員國為資訊及參考的架構 (http://www.startupnations.org/taiwan-startup-ecosystem-map/)

Taiwan Ecosystem Map