iiiNNO Volunteer with Fukuoka City Mayor

We want to thank everyone for helping and supporting us in building our startup platform service where we help startup team to launch in foreign market or foreign startup team to collaborate with partner and channel locally.

Via a collaborative and work really closely with startup community contributors and evangelists. It is with the common vision that we can all help each other to create a bright future.

We would like to take this chance to thank everyone for helping us past years, and ones who gave us the courage in officially launching iiiNNO in 2014. We want to send out a big Thank You and would like to take this chance to gather your thoughts and encouragement on what the world awaits for all of us.



也因此,我們希望感謝這幾年來支持我們的夥伴,2014年正式以iiiNNO的名字不斷的努力前進。 希望這個頁面能聚集社會的善意及對我們的鼓勵。真誠的感謝大家!