Angel / Seed Stage Investment


iiiNNO invests 25K ~ 50K USD to entrepreneurs and startup companies demonstrating strong desire to scale and expand to Japan/Taiwan/Thailand/India markets with 10X growth velocity. 


Taiwan Subsidy And Subsidy


Setting R&D or operation team in Taiwan for global expansion is one of common strategy for startup companies taking advantage of Taiwan talents while accessing Taiwan government resource by applying to both central and city level subsidy. 




Entrepreneurship Visa is designed for startup founders who want to establish the entity and uses local services such as bank account opening, subsidiary / independent company setup / prolong staying in countries.


Taiwan Ecosystem Map

The project started over a dozen volunteers in group chat, and the group has grown over 500 people now. Through out the years, key stakeholders of different roles of startup ecosystem, came together to collaborate and learn how to work as a team to accelerate the growth of ecosystem.




Founder Club

Gathering all the startup team from every program at iiiNNO, we create a
trust and mutual benefit environment to let each entrepreneur find the best way to collaborate with each other. We will hold a monthly sharing event to update the information and trends of startup.  


Global communities connection