• Schedule / 當日行程

# Time Activity Additional Note
1 7:00PM ~ 7:30PM Check-In & Network
2 8:00PM ~ 8:10PM Greeting from our partner  MAGIC / Fukuoka City Hall /
3 8:10PM ~ 8:20PM Taiwan & Fukuoka Startup VISA
4 8:20PM ~ 9:00PM Startup team pitch
5 9:00PM ~ 9:30PM Network and Photo
  • VIP Guest / 當日貴賓

Kelvin Sun, WI Harper
Kelvin Sun, WI HarperVice President
Kelvin is focused on investment in Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) Sector. He is actively involved in identifying and evaluating investment in Mobile Internet, IOE, and software/hardware integration space.
Brian Yen
Brian YenInfinity Venture
NTU BBA 2009 IESE Barcelona MBA 2017 risk management in Citi beer brewing and importing equity research at hedge fund IESE Business School
Chong Cheng Loke
Chong Cheng LokeProgram Coordinator, MaGIC
A Program Coordinator for the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre’s (MaGIC) signature Global Accelerator Program (GAP), Cheng Loke is a key driving force within the GAP team who plays a crucial role in running MaGIC’s in-house accelerator that aims to grow 60 startups to be investment ready within 4 months. Some of his responsibilities include program design, strategic partnership building and mentoring. Thus far, Cheng Loke has mentored over 150 startups from all across the globe.
Norman Chang
Norman ChangGeneral Partner of Rookie Fund
Norman was a Venture Partner at 500 Startups before starting Rookie Fund.
Rookie.Fund is a non-profit that aims to be the best student-run fund for discovering and investing in student entrepreneurs in Asia. Norman has a total of 10 years of experience in VC and engineering in both Silicon Valley and Asia.
  • Startup Resource / 新創資源

 STARTUP CAFE -Fukuoka city-
STARTUP CAFE -Fukuoka city- http://startupcafe.jp/
Global Startup supporter in Fukuoka city. Free consultation services with concierges and experts (Lawyer, Tax accountant etc.) help you to get Japanese Startup Visa and to expand your business into the Japanese market.
 Fukuoka City Government
Fukuoka City Government https://startup.fukuoka.jp/
We have a strong collaboration with Taipei City and our team generate an unique startup eco-system in Fukuoka City.
Our Vision
– Global leading creativity & innovation centre for entrepreneurs
Our Mission
– To build a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem. To catalyse creativity & innovation for long term nation impact
National Association of Young Entrepreneurs
National Association of Young Entrepreneurshttp://www.careernet.org.tw/
– Fostering a high-quality entrepreneurial environment in Taiwan
– “Together we succeed!” for all business starters.
– Making the NAYE the “Most helpful business advisor and partner for enterprises”.
  • Startup Team / 新創團隊

YAMAP Inc.https://corporate.yamap.co.jp/
Feel This Planet,Earth.YAMAP is Japan No.1 outdoor app which uses hundreds of maps and crowdsourced trail information for users with or without an internet connection.Rediscover the nature with YAMAP!
 Nulab Inc.
Nulab Inc. https://nulab-inc.com/
Nulab is a Japanese software company that provides online collaboration tools. Including the online diagramming software Cacoo, project management tool Backlog, and team chat app Typetalk.
Origami Labs
Origami Labs https://www.orii.io
Origami Labs is a maker of connected devices that uses creatively applied technology to improve daily life. Taking inspiration from accessibility design, we build voice-enabled hardware to transform the consumers talk to todays devices and to each other. Our first product is ORII, a fashion-inspired smart ring that uses body conduction technology to put your smart phones voice assistant at your fingertip.
 Onemore Inc.
Onemore Inc. https://greenfunding.jp/
We GREEN FUNDING by T-SITE is the most successful crowd funding platform in Japan. We are in the group of TSUTAYA, which is the biggest book & music/video store company in Japan. TSUTAYA manages over 1,400 shops in Japan under the concept of “lifestyle navigation”.
 To Dr Solution inc.
To Dr Solution inc.http://www.todr.co.jp/
We aim to create a town where people can live permanently and healthily through innovative Iot technology for the medical and nursing care industries and effective utilization of real estate.
BonBonmusic is a O2O music matching platform that connects all music related demands from students to teachers. At the same time, we are also building up a music ecosystem for the entire music industry. BonBonMusic is more than a music skill matching platform, but rather a place where musical performances, listening to musics, and instrument selling take place. We believe learning music can be easy for everyone.
Pic a Life
Pic a Lifehttps://www.facebook.com/picalife/
Pic a Life is an integrated marketer for children’s books that specialize in creating interactive O2O content to cultivate early readers.
We transform the reading experience to an engaging one by intertwining our visual story guide, themed children’s books, and offline puzzles to motivate the readers as they’re part of the whole story. We provide families a full set of service for purchase or subscription to grow their kids as lifelong readers.
A start-up founded in October of 2014 and became a legal entity in September of 2016. Produces software with which game developers can leverage to increase their game development workflow.
  • Partner / 合作夥伴