• Schedule / 當日行程

# Time Activity Additional Note
1 6:00PM ~ 6:30PM Check-In & Network
2 6:30PM ~ 6:40PM Greeting from our partner  Taipei City Project Office / Fukuoka City Hall / iiiiNNO
3 6:40PM ~ 6:50PM iiiNNO LaunchPad & Taipei City Government Subsidy Program Introduction
4 6:50PM ~ 7:30PM Startup team pitch
5 7:30 PM ~ 8:0PM Network and Photo
  • VIP Guest / 當日貴賓

Shinichi Noguchi (Japan)
Shinichi Noguchi (Japan)Chief, Fukuoka City Government
Tomoko Nakashima (Japan)
Tomoko Nakashima (Japan)International Coordinator, Fukuoka City Government
Bryan Hung (Taiwan)
Bryan Hung (Taiwan)Lawyer,TaipeiLaw Law-at-Attorney
Bryan is both a lawyer and angel investor, very dedicated to the development of the Taiwan startup ecosystem and speaks frequently at both startup and government events in helping the startup to excel. He blogs frequently on his Facebook fan page to share and help more entrepreneurs in learning more about investment, legal knowledge and be true to oneself.
Kuma Ku (Taiwan)
Kuma Ku (Taiwan)Manager, Maxceed Capital Group
Kuma graduated from National Cheng-Chi University with a background in marketing, communication and business administration. As a manager at Maxceed Capital Group, she devotes herself to helping startups to match with early-stage investors and to support entrepreneurs during the challenges period of fundraising. She founded Blind Tour and successfully sold it in 2018. She is a self-initiative problem solver and contributes proactively in the Taiwan startup ecosystem.
  • Startup Team / 新創團員

Ichiro Kimura ( Japan)
Ichiro Kimura ( Japan)CEO, Anect
Ryan Li (USA)
Ryan Li (USA)Founder, UI/UX | Developer, Meitefusi 美特弗斯
Hank Choi
Hank ChoiDirector, Minidragon
Dominic Milan
Dominic MilanSales Lead, 1Export
Ressa, 1Export
  • Startup Resource / 新創資源

 Fukuoka City Government
Fukuoka City Government https://startup.fukuoka.jp/
We have a strong collaboration with Taipei City and our team generate an unique startup eco-system in Fukuoka City.
 STARTUP CAFE -Fukuoka city-
STARTUP CAFE -Fukuoka city- http://startupcafe.jp/
Global Startup supporter in Fukuoka city. Free consultation services with concierges and experts (Lawyer, Tax accountant etc.) help you to get Japanese Startup Visa and to expand your business into the Japanese market.
National Association of Young Entrepreneurs
National Association of Young Entrepreneurshttp://www.careernet.org.tw/
– Fostering a high-quality entrepreneurial environment in Taiwan
– “Together we succeed!” for all business starters.
– Making the NAYE the “Most helpful business advisor and partner for enterprises”.
  • Startup Team / 新創團隊

1Export’s mission is to successfully lower down the barriers of trade by helping MSMEs export their products to new and exciting markets. The company was established in 2016 and has since then, garnered over 200 suppliers of Food and Agricultural products. As a Philippine based company, most of the suppliers the company is working with are focused on providing fresh & healthy fruits and assorted fruit products from various MSMEs. 1Export ensures that their agricultural suppliers provide nothing short of the best and freshest fruits & vegetables in South East Asia.
Anect (Japan)
Anect (Japan)
We provide Appabrik which is a web-based one-stop platform for iPhone & Android app development, operations, and analysis. With Appabrik, our clients can publish their own mobile apps at the cost of 1/10 in about 1 month. Also, our clients can use an intuitive management screen that can be easily operated by anyone. In addition, as new features are added via the cloud, you will always be able to use a vast number of new functions. Applications created by Appabrik are also upgraded automatically in response to iOS / Android OS updates.
Meitefusi (Taiwan)
Meitefusi (Taiwan)https://meitefusi.com
Meitefusi is a Taiwan-based technology company developing solutions for startups, enterprises, and everything in between. We specialize in software, web and mobile app development. We also offer marketing, photography and video related services.
Minidragon (Hong Kong)
Minidragon (Hong Kong)https://www.minidragon.net/
Minidragon represents pocket fantasy. We create mobile games, a world of imagination on the go!

We are a small team, bringing big ideas to the world. Let’s push the boundaries of mobile gaming, together!

 Nulab Inc.
Nulab Inc. https://nulab-inc.com/
Nulab is a Japanese software company that provides online collaboration tools. Including the online diagramming software Cacoo, project management tool Backlog, and team chat app Typetalk.
 Onemore Inc.
Onemore Inc. https://greenfunding.jp/
We GREEN FUNDING by T-SITE is the most successful crowd funding platform in Japan. We are in the group of TSUTAYA, which is the biggest book & music/video store company in Japan. TSUTAYA manages over 1,400 shops in Japan under the concept of “lifestyle navigation”.
  • Partner / 合作夥伴