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[iiiNNO Intro] What is so unique about iiiNNO launchpad program? Accessing 2 Asian market in 10 months

Want to expand to Asian markets (Taiwan/Japan/Thailand/India), and not sure what is the best strategy suited for your startup company in your particular situation? How to quickly launch into a new market and get the result of making the 1st sales or finding the right partner/channel? Why building such a program and who is the […]

[Entrepreneurship Observation] Why Fukuoka city benefits Asia market access strategy for startup companies?

  What is happening in Fukuoka City?  Fukuoka city with a population of around 1.6 million people, is one of a fast-growing city in terms of population growth, one of the youngest average age and one of a national strategic special zone in Japan. Official Video by Fukuoka City Government Startup Support: What are the […]

[perspective] leadership is about making accountable choice, reaching out and creating a safe environment | Simon Sinek

Are you currently in a leadership position or you are about to lead a project or team? This is the post that will enhance or change the way you look at leadership from a different angle. I always thought that leadership is about bringing people together and assign tasks to achieve a common goal while […]

[perspective] what is unfair advantage and why investors love it | YC Startup School

Whether if you are about to start your first or next venture or in process of fundraising, here is a guideline what explains what investors are looking for when evaluating each investment opportunities. Have you ever wonder what are key elements are essential in building a company that is 10X better and faster in solving […]

[perspective] protecting your business destroys innovation | Simon Sinek

Mindset: protecting an existing business model may destroy your own business and ability to innovate Protecting your current business model and not exploring new possibilities may destroy your innovative ability and at the end your own business. Recent upraising tech companies are disrupting the industries where giant companies used to dominate. The lack of opening […]

[Guest Visit] Fukuoka Growth Next (Fukuoka City, Japan) – Asia upraising startup cluster and ecosystem

Our Guest Profile We are really excited to host the visit from our amazing partner Fukuoka Growth Next operating team from Fukuoka City, Japan. FGN (Fukuoka Growth Next) is one of the upraising startup clusters in Asia after the great success of Singapore at Block71. With the great leadership of the mayor of Fukuoka City […]

[perspective] What does success really mean? How to measure by Simon Sinek

    What does being successful really mean? Is it simply reaching a record or being covered by the media? What does one needs to do to ensure staying at top of the game.  成功的真正含義是什麼?它僅僅是突破一個紀錄,還是被媒體報導? 到底要做哪些事情,才能確保持續保持在巔峰呢? international known speaker and innovator Simon Sinek points out that success should not only be measured against whether if […]

[event live stream] iiiNNO InnoVEX Live Stream 2019

InnoVEX 2019 - iiiNNO

      Below is video recording from our iiiNNO InnoVEX livestream DAY 1   iiiNNO X InnoVEX Day2 的第二次直播開始拉! 接下來我們要直播介紹的團隊是 專為遠程工作而生的遠距工作平台 Slasify 還有來自沖繩的 Startup Lab Lagoon !!!!!!! 最後的最後, 提醒您,今天晚上千萬不要錯過TerminalC Open House Party 歡迎來展位A1221跟我們領取邀請卡 今晚的新創啤酒party在 17:30 即可開始入場! 5/30 台北新創之夜 – Terminal C Open House Party Posted by iiiNNO Taiwan on Thursday, May 30, 2019 DAY […] InnoVEX 2019 - iiiNNO

[創業觀察站] 台灣新創產業缺的不只是廟,而是廟公廟婆

在新的一年2019,在媒體或圈子裡,大家開始關注台灣的新創產業的發展。 有的關注在服務業者及政府扮演的角色和其績效,有的關注在資源是否放在【對的地方】, (914)

[perspective] Elon Musk | How not to be the 99% fail, but to be 1% succeed

Want to learn from one of the most inspiring serial entrepreneurs on how to be the potential “1%” of the companies succeed and stay away from the potential “99%” of the companies on the path of failure? Below is a list of mindsets that may change the way how you run your business. 想要透過知名連續創業家 Elon […]