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My name is Nono(ののちゃん)

l   姓名:諾諾Nono (ののちゃん)                                                               l   生日:2016.06.10 l   出生地: Nini 星球 l   來到台灣的日子:2021.06 l   生平:在一個星期四的下午,Terminal C建國點的iiiNNO裡突然傳出了敲擊聲「knock knock knock!」,竟然從空間裡的藍色咖啡櫃跑出一隻可愛的企鵝!哦!原來是のの!源自於iiiNNO實習生Jamie之手。 のの眨了眨眼睛道:「我是在COVID-19下被派來陪伴iiiNNO空間裡的創業家們,希望在大家累的時候可以陪大家玩!」來自Nini星球,活潑的Nono,是來陪伴創業家們,在疲憊的創業路上,共度艱難的時刻,以及是帶來歡樂和幸運的小企鵝。 6/11(五)Nono曾在iiiNNO Terminal C建國點出現,待疫情過後,各位創業家們早上進辦公室,別忘了喝杯咖啡時,看看Nono是否在附近! (283)

iiiNNO Social Media & Website (FB, Line, IG, Podcast, LinkedIn)

iiiNNO Social Media

Welcome to the overview of iiiNNO’s social media and website. We are listing all of the key channels/groups by categories (i.e. official, groups, community, podcast) and as well inviting you all to participate based on your role (i.e. startup companies, ecosystem builders). Thank you for all of your support, and looking forward to see you […] iiiNNO Social Media