achieve 10x growth
market access 2 countries

in 10 months

Japan | Taiwan | HK | Singapore | Thailand | India

iiiNNO is a startup launchpad company.
We work with entrepreneurs to achieve 10x growth accessing new Asian markets.

Seed/angel stage co-investment with like minded angel network for global expansion

Boot camp for fundraising/government resource/global market access in 3~6 months

3 months 1-to-1 10X growth mentorship program with advisory board


iiiNNO+ LauchPad Market Access Program

ready to access new markets in Asia? Even in speed of more than 2 countries in 10 months?

don't know which markets and sequence are most suitable? in speed of 10 months? Want to know which markets are most ideal for customer acquisition and regulation sandbox and provide best friendly environment?

which stage would you like to be?

Stage #1: Market Research & Business Model Validation.

Stage #2: Market Entry & New Product and Project Launch.

Stage #3:  Subsidiary & Operation & Scaling.

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3 Months 10x Growth Acceleration Program

Want to accelerate and achieve your desired state in 3/6/9 months with measurable progress and 10X growth?

Choose Which Plans Meet Your Need

Ready to grow 10X in 3/6/9 months? We will help you to clarify and list out the action plan to test out your idea, create & enhance your business model and assist with government funding/fund rasing and building your A+ team.

Weather you just have an idea or ready to launch to international, we are help you to achieve with our Asia mentor/investor network.

  1. plan A
  2. plan B
  3. plan C

Join the grass root movement

ready to join the startup community and participate in our supported and one of our very own events?

Wether if you are tech or business background, we have event ready for you to learn and expand your network.

From Startup Weekend to Startup Grind and all the way to our own iiiNNO and Blockchain meetup, we have event for everyone. Come and join the grass root community and ready to find your next partner/mentor/investor here.

Corporate & Government Partners

We believe corporate and government collaboration with startups are also essential to the development
of new industry and digitial economy. Together with corporates providing resources and industry insights and goverments rolling out policies and incentives, true impacts will be made. 

Global Mentor Network
powering the growth and progress of startups

Srinivas Kollipara (India)
Srinivas Kollipara (India)Partner, Hunch Ventures
Srinivas is a partner at Hunch Ventures and has over 25 years of international experience in product strategy, product management and business development, but my true passion is helping startups scale and building thriving communities around entrepreneurship.
Dave Moskovitz (New Zealand)
Dave Moskovitz (New Zealand)Chair, GEN New Zealand
Dave is an experienced serial entrepreneur, company director, and startup investor with deep roots in software development and Internet technologies. Based in New Zealand, Dave has helped numerous startups achieve product-market fit and a global scale.
Yatin K Thakur (India)
Yatin K Thakur (India)Founder of Startup India & CoworkIn
Yatin K Thakur, is a serial entrepreneur based in India. He is co-founder of Startup India and founder of CoworkIn India. Moreover, he is MD of GEN India and has faciliated various startup weekend.
Yvonne Chen (Taiwan)
Yvonne Chen (Taiwan)Founder and Managing Partner, Ceres Capital Management Consultant Ltd
Yvonne has over 20 years of experience in international wireless & telecommunications industry and corporate investments into advanced tech, Digital Health, AR/VR, Fintech, Security, IoT & Blockchain. She successfully closed more than 20 early-stage deals amounting to over USD 40M and managed 100M USD Alibaba Taiwan Fund at WI Harper.
Dien Chang (Taiwan)
Dien Chang (Taiwan)Partner, Deloitte and Touche
Audit Partner at Deloitte Taiwan and also the leader for startup service group. Major client including CHT, Hua Nan Financial Holding and ASLAN Pharma. Well experience in helping startups for all accounting/corporate structure/tax-related questions.
Alec Liu
Alec LiuGeneral Manager/Co-Founder, Mizeo
Alec founded three different companies within 6 years and plays different roles of professional managers, investors and entrepreneurs. He loves to mentor and assist potential and upraising entrepreneurs to excel.
Ryan Li (Taiwan)
Ryan Li (Taiwan)Founder, UI/UX | Developer, Meitefusi 美特弗斯
Ryan has owned multiple tech and creative companies, both in the US and Asia, and has over 20 years of experience in web & mobile app development, UI/UX design, commercial photography, video production, social media management, and online marketing.
Bryan Hung (Taiwan)
Bryan Hung (Taiwan)Lawyer,TaipeiLaw Law-at-Attorney
Bryan is both a lawyer and angel investor, very dedicated to the development of the Taiwan startup ecosystem and speaks frequently at both startup and government events in helping the startup to excel. He blogs frequently on his Facebook fan page to share and help more entrepreneurs in learning more about investment, legal knowledge and be true to oneself.
Kuma Ku (Taiwan)
Kuma Ku (Taiwan)Manager, Maxceed Capital Group
Kuma graduated from National Cheng-Chi University with a background in marketing, communication and business administration. As a manager at Maxceed Capital Group, she devotes herself to helping startups to match with early-stage investors and to support entrepreneurs during the challenges period of fundraising. She founded Blind Tour and successfully sold it in 2018. She is a self-initiative problem solver and contributes proactively in the Taiwan startup ecosystem.
Junichi Anazawa (Japan)
Junichi Anazawa (Japan)Manager, Startup cafe Fukuoka City
Junichi san is the manager of Startup Cafe at Fukuoka Growth Next, the fast-growing and leading startup cluster in Asia. He leads an amazing team supporting international and local entrepreneurs with mentorship, startup visa application and a co-working space supporting entrepreneurs to meet up and collaborate.

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co-create and launch globally

Startup Network Partner
accelerate the building of ventures

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