Apply To Join The 1st iiiNNO Japan Day

inviting startup founders, investors and iiiNNO ecosystem collaborator to join FREE online and offline (iiiNNO @ Terminal C in Taipei) to accelerate Japan’s market access. (1st order / POC / operation team / investment). 


Key Participants Of The Event

Event Key Elements 

Event Schedule & Pitch Team List 

  • Representatives of startup hub of Japan’s top 3 most vibrant startup cities (Fukuoka / Okinawa / Shibuya) to share latest program and incentive for international startup companies to soft-land, conduct market feasibility, POC and fundraise. 
  • Startup founders are invited to fill up the event application form, not only to attend the event on 11/11, but have chance to be selected to pitch to Japanese & Taiwan investors and as well opportunity to opt-in to pass contact information to the 3 startup hubs. ( List of 4 teams invited to pitch will be announced on Nov 9th, 2021 11PM GMT+8)
  • iiiNNO Ecosystem Collaborators are investors and ecosystem builders who works closely together with iiiNNO to promote the iiiNNO Japan Day event and program and as well the opportunity to refer startup companies to be short listed for pitching selection


Signup to join the online & offline in Taipei
  • Session #1: 1:30PM(TW) introduction : why Japan (5min) 
  • Session #2: 1:35PM(TW) panel discussion (25min) > opportunity and challenges in accessing Japan market
  • Session #3: 2:00PM(TW) AIoT crowd-funding to Japan (10min) > how to succeed with Green Funding
  • Session #4: 2:10PM(TW) Startup Hub Intro (10min present + 5min QA) 
    • 2:10PM(TW) # Fukuoka City: Fukuoka Growth Next 
    • 2:25PM(TW) # Okinawa City: Startup Lab Lagoon
    • 2:40PM(TW) # Shibuya: Shibuya Startup Support 
  • Session #5: 3:10 startup pitch (3 min pitch & 5 min QA) 
    • 3:10: Pitch overview & Judge Introduction
    • 3:20: Team #1: Flying Milk Tea
    • 3.30: Team #2: Slasify
    • 3.40: Team #3: Swipe
    • 3.50: Team #4: XTRA Sensing
  • Session #6: 4:00PM event conclusion & networking (20min)
  • Event close: 4:30PM

Session #1: 1:30PM (TW)

Opening Remark: Why Japan

David Kuo

organizer of “iiiNNO Japan Day”

Session #2: 1:35PM (TW)

Panel Discussion: opportunities and challenges in accessing Japan market
(25 min)

David Kuo

mumu makinose san
Global Startup Center, Director

Sean Lo
BlueBeard Studio Co. Ltd Funder

Session #3: 2:00PM (TW)

Presentation: How to succeed with Green Funding

(10 min)

Chuzen Kin san
Onemore Inc. / GREEN FUNDING Strategic Advisor

Session #4: 2:10PM (TW)

Presentation: Startup Hub Introduction
(10 min presentation + 5 min QA)

  • Fukuoka City: 2:10PM
  • Okinawa City: 2:25PM
  • Shibuya City: 2:40PM

Fukuoka City
Fukuoka Growth Next

Keiko Ide san
Fukuoka Growth Next, Secretariat

Okinawa City
Startup Lab Lagoon Koza

Kenichiro Toyosato san
Startup Lab Lagoon, Organizer

Shibuya City
Shibuya Startup Support

Saeko Seno san
Shibuya City Office Global City
Promotion Office, Subsection Chief

Session #5: 3:10PM (TW)

Startup Pitch Judging & QA
(3 min pitch + 7 min QA)

Jeff Chaung
AVA Angel, investment manager

mumu makinose san
Global Startup Center, Director

Nobuto Muroi san
Fukuoka Growth Next, Inhouse Venture Capital Manager

Tadaaki Kimura san
addlight Inc. CEO

Session #6: 4:00PM (TW)


Event close: 4:30PM (TW)

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