iiiNNO Startup Tour Okinawa

iiiNNO Okinawa Startup Tour aims to help startup companies and entrepreneurs to conduct market research and explore opportunities of market access in Japan leveraging the Okinawa 5.0 powered by its offering of special economic zone with focus on both ResorTech (Resort Technology) and logistic offering, making Okinawa a very unique position in Asia.

Wh Startup Chooses iiNNO Startup Tour

in 2018, Okinawa launched its 10 years plan in welcoming international startup companies to co-create with theme of ResorTech (Resort Technology) in 6 key areas. Anything with payment to unmanned vehicle (UV) to deep tech. Leveraging its geographic advantage to both Japan and Asia with its unique culture of Japanese and US, making Okinawa a very unique for Japan market entry and market testing.

The key objective of iiiNNO Startup Tour aims to accelerate market research and opportunity mapping for any entrepreneurs and startup companies exploring Japan market. In less than a week, our tour gives you a very realistic view of current and future opportunities presented by key stakeholders of local startup ecosystem and the resources available to help international companies like you to enter with ease.

All of our iiiNNO Startup Tour has its signatures events of Pitch Demo Night where we invites key stakeholders of local ecosystem from all aspect including government / startup hub / VC / local startup service provident and talents. Each actual of each startup tour varies, but all designed with helping entrepreneurs accelerate advancement of market entry to Japan via Okinawa.

Startup Lab Lagoon

如同潟湖中的生物形成一個豐富的生態系統相互尊重,Startup Lab Lagoon的宗旨在創建社會基礎設施,以便在日本沖繩的KOZA進行新的創新。


Just like how organisms in lagoon forms an abundant ecosystem and respect one another, Startup Lab Lagoon aims to create the social infrastructure to make new innovation happens in KOZA, Okinawa Japan. With the mission to co-create with local innovators to make good things happen in social networking.

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Graduate University

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) is an interdisciplinary graduate school offering a 5-year PhD program in Science.
According to a report completed by an external peer review panel in 2015, OIST is on a par with the 25 universities ranked highest by Times Higher Education, QS or Jiaotong World University Rankings in terms of physical campus infrastructure, management structure and management processes, academic program and recruitment of faculty, graduate program, instrumentation, course to research outcome, technology transfer and welfare, social, and cultural support programs.

沖繩IT創新戰略中心 (簡稱isco)
IT Innovation and Strategy Center Okinawa

As a character of the command tower, the Center will provide the suggestions of strategies of industrial growth to improve industry productivity and international competitiveness of the entire industry by widely using IT technology.

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  • Why Okinawa (English / 5 minutes)

Okinawa is one of designated Special Economic Zone dedicated for international companies and startup to take advantages of its unique geographic and resource to market access to Japan and Asia.

  • Okinawa ResorTech (Japanese / 3.55 Min)

in 2018, Okinawa launched its 10 years plan to transform into Okinawa 5.0 with ResorTech which is the official theme of economic development for both Japanese and international entrepreneurs to take advantage of its geographic and resource.

  • Official Support by ISCO (Japanese / 30 minutes)

ISCO is the official organization and supporting arm of Okinawa Prefecture government to connect and execute great initiatives to support Okinawa 5.0 with ResorTech 10 years plan.

  • Okinawa Attraction Overview (English / 3 min)

  • Must Do in Okinawa (English / 8:46min)


Adviser / 指導單位

Co-organizer  | 協辦單位

Promotion Partner / 推動夥伴