About 「iiiNNO Infinity」 / 有關「一諾無限」

「iiiNNO Infinity」 is our second location and is an international incubation and united office for both inbound and outbound international startup team and companies.

After 5 years of collaborating with very early stage entrepreneurs/startup project/startup companies, we are so excited to launch this location which will be an integral part of our 「iiiNNO International Startup Platform」connecting communities and resource from in/outside of Taiwan.

Doring startup in Taiwan is not just challenging, is very challenging. We hope this new location brings out the 3 key elements of「co-create x cross collaboration x team-up」and entrepeneurs from both inside and outside of Taiwan will be able to launch product/service quicker, helping people’s life more convenience and quality of life better, faster.

The office will soft-open after Chinese Near Year in 2017 Feb and will officially open in April.  We will be sharing more details in ouriiiNNO Infinity FB Groupon information about how to sign-up/enroll in our incubation program for both entrepreneurs & corporate members & startup ecosystem key stakeholders.

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在台灣新創不只是難,其實是超難。我們希望透過這個新的據點創造「共創 x 跨界合作 x 打群架」三個重要的工作環境,讓在台灣往外或從國外來台的創業者能更快的實現自己的新創服務及產品,創造能讓社會更多人的生活帶來便利或更好的品質。

這個空間將在新年後 2017二月開始試營運,預計2017四月正式開幕。 我們也將在把如何進駐及合作的最新訊息發佈在我們剛成立的一諾無限 臉書社群,一起和創意者/企業會員/新創生態圈關鍵夥伴,討論及對話。

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「iiiNNO Infinity」3 Key Elements  / 「一諾無限」三大元素

~ Co-Creation ::: 共創 ~

~ CrossCollaboration ::: 跨界合作 ~

~ Team Up ::: 大群架 ~

upcoming events & program @ 「iiiNNO Infinity」 /  「一諾無限」近期活動及計畫

iiiNNO has been focusing in pre-incubation and co-work with startup teams and companies to expand to global market.  Our new location will enhance further iiiNNO’s  commitment to be 「international startup platform」company which aims to「co-create to bring new value to life, together」

Upcoming Event

(soft opening – Feb 2017)

  • 2017/02/09 >> Startup Weekend Volunteer & Supporter Meeting (#SWTaiwan13)
  • 2017/02/10~12 >> Startup Weekend (#SWTaiwan 13)
  • 2017/02/? >> 「iiiNNO Infinity」 soft opening tea time
  • 2017/02/? >> BDash x Fukuoka Japan Startup Tour Info Session
  • 2017/02/? >> GEC 2017 Info Session

(official-opening – April 2017)

  • 2017/04/? >> Official Opening
  • 2017/04/? >> 1st batch of 10 weeks Asia Market Access Camp