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How our startup tour is different than others

~ About iiiNNO Startup Tour

Our Startup Tour is designed for startup team either want to learn more about Japan startup ecosystem or to get ready to launch into Japanese market.  One of key feature is to connect with the core of startup stakeholders including key startup, key service provider (like co-work space and accelerator), key government and semi-government agency for startup visa application.

~ Our Key Difference

Not only startup team on the “iiiNNO Startup Tour” will visit key startup/companies/co-work space, but will have unique opportunity to

  1. expand personal network by building authentic relationship with deep engagement
  2. learn about the culture and mostly important about the startup ecosystem
  3. participate in both local organized event and iiiNNO self event such as demo pitch and international startup network meetup.

~ Key Benefits

  1. Accelerate the business development by building true local partnership with our long invested network in Japan.
  2. Gain first hand knowledge on culture and business conduct with sharing from local key ecosystem stakeholder and international startup
  3. Pitch and meet local and international VC for international fund raise opporunity


Our Upcoming Batch: #2 batch on Nov 9th, 2016

version 0.2 (dated 2016/10/07)

Our 2nd batch will visit both Fukuoka and Tokyo City where startup can choose to visit Fukuoka+Tokyo or simply Fukuoka tour.

The focus of both cities will be very different where Fukuoka focuses on building strong startup ecosystem network plus learning about Startup Visa application, and where Tokyo will focus on visiting the VC/Accelerator.

Here is a tentative schedule in Chinese

The 2nd batch of StartupTour Japan will visit both Fukuoka and Tokyo city, and each team can choose the following option:

  • option #1: Fukuoka city only (tentative: 2016/11/09 ~11/14  > 6 days & 5 nights)
  • option #2: Fukuoka + Tokyo city (tentative: 2016/11/09 ~ 2016/11/17 > 9 days & 8 nights)


How to sign-up

Please send us an email to service@iiinno.co and we will get in touch with you soon with following info

  • Startup Company Name
  • Your Name
  • Why want to come on this trip
  • Which option would you choose
  • Which country and city you are based in
  • Any one referring to this program? If yes, let us know who so we can thank!!

Places that we will visit

  1. Fukuoka City Hall: official introduction to business attraction department and “startup visa” department
  2. Startup Cafe: official introduction to Startup Cafe team who are responsible for submission of “startup visa”
  3. Nulab: key startup and co-founder of major culture/startup event in Japan
  4. Saino: key startup service provider and co-founder of major culture/startup event in Japan
  5. Japan University of Economics: our student intern and workshop partner in Fukuoka/Tokyo
  6. F Ventures: key VC in Fukuoka
  7. Startup Go Go / Tenjin Color: key startup community and vibrant co-work space
  8. VC in Tokyo:  Softbank/BDash (Tentative): Japanese VC in Tokyo

Things that we will do

  1. Student Matching & Workshop
  2. Startup Pitch
  3. International and Local Startup Pizza Meetup
  4. VC Match

Actual Tour and Voice of our Startup

Video – people and place we met and been

Testimonial – what do the startup think about the tour!

During iiiNNO Fukuoka Tour, I’m impressed with the startup resources are abundant in Fukuoka, where government can give startup visa to entrepreneurs. If you’re interest in Japanese market, but unfamiliar with it, Fukuoka could be your first choice, where people are willing to embrace startups, and you’ll really “land.”
Daniel Huang, co-founder, Talemeet
In this tour, iiiNNO has introduced all its network and resource with extended effort, and for startups like us it is truly valuable. I definitely recommend startups, in every stages whether if you just started or been doing for 3 years, to join the iiiNNO Startup Tour.

Our Partner and Supporter


Our partners play critical roles in iiiNNO Startup Tour program by constantly feedback on how we can provide the best experience for foreign startup in order to get a overview of Fukuoka startup ecosystem and city in the shortest time.

Supporter & Promoter

We would like to thank our great supporters in promoting our program to startup team globally. Thank you so much!


  • TXA : TXA創新加速器為工研院創業育成團隊於2015年獨立成立之企業,主營業務為傳產創新、新創育成、創業投資、企業經紀,並負責經營工研院開放實驗室、創業育成中心、科技新創俱樂部,並擔任政府計畫智庫以及其他創業育成組織之經營顧問,目前已建立國際路演(Roadshow)據點至上海、深圳、東京、巴黎、矽谷等地。
  • SSX : SSX 關注高潛力的科技型創業團隊,鎖定的領域包含智能硬體、醫療健康和互聯網應用等三大主軸。SSX 提供初期新創團隊,育成輔導以及直接或間接的天使投資(Angel)等資源,並協助團隊至海內外市場的軟著陸。在後期,則協助規劃團隊的風險投資(Venture Capital)、私募基金(Private Equity)及投資銀行(Investment Banking)的媒合與募資。
  • TaipeiLaw Attorneys-at-Law: 黃沛聲律師、范晉魁律師於2006年與數位律師一同成立經兆國際法律事務所,