3-Steps To iiiNNO Program Application

  • Step #1: Write down what you want to achieve in 1 / 3 / 6 / 12 months
  • Step #2: Identify the gaps or helps and resources you need to achieve
  • Step #3: Apply to iiiNNO’s program and services that accelerate your progress.



    Upcoming iiiNNO Program Application

  • 1. Japan Acceleration Camp / 日本台灣計畫
  • 2. iiiNNO Launchpad – Batch Aug/Sept / 國際落地計畫
  • 3. 3-Months Group Acceleration Camp / 三個月預成加速計畫

Entrepreneurship Zone

Stories and Memories

iiiNNO Community Zone

Open To Founders

Being part of the iiNNO supporting startups has opened doors to the different market much faster than we could have done ourselves.

CEO & Founder


Over the past 4 year of being in the startup scene,I’ve gained a vast amount of knowledge and abilities from iiiNNO and other professionals in the industry. I have truly expanded my horizon

CEO & Co-founder


iiiNNO has been an ever evolving platform, with the initial target of providing soft-landing and market access support.


Kevin,Origami Labs,
CEO & Co-founder

our partners and investors

Seed Investment

We invest in 25K to 50K to entrepreneurs and startup companies with strong desire to generate new sales in 2 new Asia markets in 10 months.

Asia Expansion Strategy

We co-create with startup founders an Asia strategy plan with right sequence via our depth Asia ecosystem network by leveraging the right resources and taking advantage of up-raising trend.

Entrepreneurship Visa

Need to come to various Asia countries in Asia such as Japan and Taiwan to build your next billion dollars company? We are approved accelerator and partner by government to FastTrack the application of entrepreneurship visa and residence card. 

Measurable Result

Startup is about solving problem that creates measurable results and impact or fulfilling a hard need. Our program helps entrepreneurs to immediately produce results with momentum by generates sales, building team and fundraise.

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