iiiNNO+ Launchpad Overview

Program Overview:

iiiNNO LaunchPad is a 3 phases accelerated paid market access program and welcomes entreprepreneurs and startup companies with strong desire to get 1st user and sales in Asian markets (Japan/Taiwan/Thailand/India).

  • Phase 1: market research and feasibility study (should we try and enter this new market now?)
  • Phase 2: market testing / prototype building / business model validation (is this a good market or location to we continue to invest with additional effort?)
  • Phase 3: scale (what we we need to do or adjust to capture the market? is it to build an operation / R&D / sales office?)

iiiNNO Overview

iiiNNO brings knowledge and resources to startup founders to achieve 10x growth by venture building and co-creating business models to aquire new sales and customers with measurable results.

Industry and Program Focus

We focuses in product & service embracing technology / new business model with digital economy play. Moreover, our dedicated PPP Program is designed for hardware startup to prototype/produce/product launch via Taiwan.

To help entrepreneurs and startup companies to successful launch to the right market and gain immediate access with measurable results.

Fee & Application: 
This is a paid program (5K USD to 25K USD) with possibility to receive special subsidy of Taipei city government (which covers fight / accommodation / 1 months staff salary / 50% R&D budget).

Multi-Countries Access

Don't know which country/city offers the best support to your Asia launch? We connect and venture build your startup in multiple country & cities in Asia. (Japan/Taiwan/Thailand/India)

Right Market & Immediate Access

Ready to launch your startup in Asia in 3~6 months, but want to know which cities/countries offer the most feasible resource and support as your first and second stop to Asia? Our mentors/investors provide first hand insight and latest regulation and resource update and network to propose the “right sequence” of launch. The key success to launch is to have great success in first few cities/countries.

One-Stop & Fast Track

want to legally have your subsidiary in less than 2~3 months? Our integrated service with government approved accelerator enable fast Startup Visa application.

Vertical Integrated Services With Government Support

No need to worry about communicating to multiple local professional and government agencies when it comes to subsidiary/bank setup, working with local accountant/lawyer and accessing government subsidy. Moreover, we are also approved company which offers fast track Startup VISA application. Our integrated services will save you time  from unnecessary worries and extensive researches.

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iiiNNO+ Launchpad Program Introduction

  • Immediate Asia Market Access:
    • (a) Asia market access strategy with multiple market feasibility and regulation viability study [which market first and which one fits?]
    • (b) Resource matching with potential government subsidies and local investment [how to maximize with outcome with available resource?]
  • Build Great Product:
    • (a) business model validation and product launch [is my business model viable? How to gain Asia market insight to build global amazing product?]
    • (b) local team building or partner on-boarding [how to onboard amazing partners and recruit great talents?]
  • 10X Growth:
    • (a) revenue & team growth with local government resource and investment. [what is the 3/6/12 months execution game plan to make this happen?]
    • (b) fast track and acceleration [how to take advantage of available resource and service to produce leap forward progress?]

iiiNNO+ Launchpad Program Introduction

Who is the program designed for?

software and hardware entrepreneurs and startup company who:

  • highly determined to market access in Asia within 3~6 months via Taiwan
  • already fundraised and success with revenue in home market or about to launch crowdfunding within 2~3 months
  • ready to submit 90 sec application video to apply@iiinno.co (problem try to solve or need to meet / why current solution can not solve / 3~12 months Taiwan or Asia plan / how we can help you to achieve 10X and build a better product)
  • complete the online application and payment of our program (6000 USD ~ 30K USD)

Special support available by Taipei City government

  • airplane / accommodation / 1 month salary staff is available to applicants who demonstrate a strong commitment to our iiiNNO+ Launchpad program and ready to
    • option #1: setup operation / R&D team in Asia (our program B or C), or
    • option #2: prototype/production in Taiwan (our program PPP)

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Program Alumni & Testimonial 

My name is Kevin, CEO and Co-founder from Origami Labs, and an alumni of iiiNNO’s first batch of the LaunchPad program in 2017/2018. iiiNNO has been an ever evolving platform, with the initial target of providing soft-landing and market access support. Despite the platforms unique positioning and the unexplored space the iiiNNO team passionately helped Origami Labs through company registration, residency applications, account servicing on top of application to InnoVEX in 2017, Meet Taipei, and several demo days with partners in Taipei and other networks such as Thailand and Japan.

We’ve seen our fair share of success during this time, from successfully setting up a growing office in Taiwan, to participating and winning the Taiwan selection of Slush Japan as well as eventually winning InnoVEX 2018 Startup Terrace Award, and even launching highly successful product launch campaign for our core product ORII.
Since graduation we’ve been active members in this growing Taiwan network, and have been helping iiiNNO with their current batch of companies, including Aniwear, another promising IoT startup. It’s our pleasure to see the program continue to expand both its offering and reach, and we would recommend mature international teams looking to explore the Asian market to reach out to David and the iiiNNO Program.
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