[mindset] leadership is a choice with accountability and open arm to help others | Simon Sinek

Key Characteristics of True Leader

  1. Leadership is a choice and not a position and not a rank
    • leadership does not come with the position a person holds.
  2. A leader takes accountability
    • Leaders just not only take credit but take accountability as accountability and credit are equal equation
  3. A leader learns to help others first while asking others for help.
    • Learning helping each other is key
  4. A leader speaks last
    • Learning to listen is different than learning to speak last
    • To ask questions to truly understand why people have their own opinion beyond what they say.
  5. Humility and gratitude
    • To remember all the fancy treatment may be for the position you hold and not just for you.
  6. A clear vision of the world could exist or not yet exist
    • Leaders have followers by clearly speaking about the direction and what the future looks like.
    • To articulate the world, and people are inspired to follow and work together.
  7. Leaders provide a safe place where people love to work, improve and grow
    • Working hard for things you love is a passion where working hard for things you don’t like is stress.
    • Leaders need to provide a safe environment where the team feels comfortable in expressing vulnerabilities.
    • Leaders care more about the lives/life/skillsets of the employes, and the team tends to make sacrifices to contribute.