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Resource & FAQ / 資源及常見問答2019-07-29T22:02:35+08:00
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# Category 類別 Resource / 資源
1 Taiwan Company Setup Process 台灣公司成立流程
  • Taiwan Setup Process (English)
  • 台灣公司成立流程介紹 (Chinese)
2 Startup Ecosystem 新創生態圈
  • 新創圈活動
3 Startup Ecosystem 新創生態圈
  • Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Map / 新創生態圈地圖
4 Startup Resource 新創資源
  • Taiwan Government Subsidy / 台灣政府補助
5 Column 3 Value Column 4 Value
6 Column 3 Value Column 4 Value
7 Column 2 Value Column 3 Value Column 4 Value
  • F.A.Q / 常見問題回答

6 steps to prepare for your startup fundraising2019-07-28T16:56:10+08:00

You have an idea or great startup, and you would like to reach out to potential angel investors or VC to fund your startup company. What would be the next step?

  1. Learn how do investors evaluate startup
    • here is a post of a great video and note from one of the best accelerator and YC on {how to evaluate startup} from 2019 YC Startup School.
    • angel investors look at 3 things: Market / Product / People
  2. Build your pitch deck
    • pitch deck training notes from David, co-founder & CEO of iiiNNO
  3. Make a list of investors
    • check out
    • check out investors who actively invest in your region: (for Taiwan: find-it)
  4. Participate in a pitch event
    • contest: In Asia and globally there are plenty of pitch competitions you can join, starting at international/national/ local pitch event.
    • private investor meeting: Join any public or private angel group pitch or investor matching session.
    • matching event: check out speed dating events in your community and learn from the investor about the latest trend and what investors are looking for.
  5. Prepare Cap table
  6. Close the fundraising in 3 months.
what and how early stage investors look for in a startup?2019-07-28T17:09:52+08:00
  • How do investors evaluate startup?
    • check out video and notes from YC Startup Company: How to evaluate startup ideas
    • angel or early-stage investor look for: (A) market (B) product (C) team
  • How investors evaluate and look for n a pitching session:
    • level of preparedness:
      • Be prepared to answer questions that investors will have regarding your business and content mentioned in your pitch deck. Please do prepare for Q.A which is one of the key processes where investors can learn about your startup and as well how does your startup team act under pressure.
      • reference:  one of most talked about the startup from Taiwan, Accupass shared in one of event a few years ago, about how they showed to the investors about their readiness –> how about preparing 300 pages of F.A.Q at the end of your pitch deck, and when the investors raise the question and you have slides for almost every question.
    • level of preciseness
      • There is a difference between the correct and precise. All investors looking for is a firm/confident statement about assumption/guess/estimation of what your startup will face. Investors are not always looking for correctness because a lot of plans or assumption have yet to have an example in the world.
how to build an A+ startup team2019-07-28T17:44:43+08:00
  • A startup team has 3 types of major roles
    • co-founders
    • core-team
    • employee
  • What to look for in a co-founder
    • according to YC (one of the top accelerator in the world): there are 2 key elements:
      • resilience
      • resourceful
  • What to look for in a core-team members
    • according to YC, 3 key elements
      • A+ talent: someone who can complement the co-founders on abilities/skillsets
      • know when to do what
      • love to work together
how to setup company in Taiwan2019-07-28T21:12:00+08:00


Taiwan Government Sites / 台灣政府網站

Here is a list of the government website for company setup in Taiwan

# URL/網址 英文說明 中文說明 Required Step/需要只用到的步驟
  • central government company registration fee
  • 中央政府公司開辦費用列表
  • existing company information inquiry
  • 既有已登記公司資料查詢
  • step#2: while you are deciding what your own company will be, you can check if an existing company or related companies’ fino.
  • 第二步驟: 當在選定自己公司的名稱時候,可以先查詢既有已成立或相關公司的資料。
  • application form and template for wholly own and subsidiary setup
  • 公司或海外子公司設立表個及範例
  • Step#… / …. / …. /…
  • shareholder registration
  • 股東監察人登記

Company Setup Steps / 公司設立步驟

# Step Reference 步驟 參考資訊
1 decide parent-child structure/company type / director / city of registration/capital
  • wholly or parent-child structure: When opening a company in Taiwan and would like to invest with fund from outside of Taiwan, one need to decide if you want a wholly independent or a parent-child structure like a subsidiary.
  • category of the company: There are 2 types of company: (A) (B)
  • name of director:
  • 如果在台灣所設立的公司是透過國外的資金,那就可以考慮是否是有子母公司架構或100%獨立的公司。
  • 在台灣公司類別有兩類: (A) 股份有限公司 (B) 有限公司。(數位時代延續閱讀)
  • 負責人在台灣除了需要擔任法律責任,最好理解的就是公司的董事長及在發票張顯示的名子和公司的大小章及在營行登記的名子。有時候因為不同的考量,所以負責人最後的人選也會不同。
2 company name registration and company classification selection 公司查名及營業項目登記
  • 送經濟部正式查名
3 Director info and company chop
4 bank shopping & account opening 銀行選擇及開戶
5 company name registration and company classification selection 公司取名及營業項目申請
6 bank account opening 銀行開戶
7 company name registration and company classification selection 公司取名及營業項目申請
8 bank account opening 銀行開戶
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