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人們透過旅遊了解一個國家或地區,天晴則透過旅館,讓旅客找到第二個家鄉。跳脫傳統經營模式,地下觀光大使成為天晴的創業使命,使來自世界各地的旅人在台灣留下深刻回憶。天晴旅店帶著創業初衷與iiiNNO國際新創加速器的加持,不斷構築台灣文化傳遞的渠道。 (234)

【新創五四三】新創活動大盤點 辦這些活動要幹嘛

新創活動百百種,試著了解新創活動種類,卻看得眼花撩亂、苦無頭緒?在新創加速器中,辦活動的目的是什麼?辦活動的方式又是甚麼?不論你是想踏入新創圈的學生、社會人士,或是創業家,新創活動能幫助所有夥伴找到合適的資源。 (126)


除了政府設立的育成聚落、民間加速器,有很多的大專院校裡都有附設新創育成單位,很榮幸這次iiiNNO受北科大新創新育成中心的邀請,一起共同舉辦創業夥伴媒合工作坊! (203)

[event] iiiNNO 2020 Spring Demo Pitch & Investment Meeting

iiiNNO 2020 Spring Demo Pitch we are inviting startup team from iiiNNO launchpad, venture building, and 6 weeks 10X growth bootcamp team and as well startup team recommended by our mentor network to do a 3 minutes pitch. At the end of pitch, we will proceed with iiiNNO & Partner investment review meeting. (249)

[Event] Startup Weekend Hsinchu 2012/10/07 @ NTHU

So excited that we were part of the 2nd Startup Weekend Hsinchu with co-organizing and co-facilitating the event. This was the first Startup Weekend organizing at NTHU, and we were fortunate to host the event in TSMC building where there were class room and open spaces in the open hall way. Event Photos   VIP […]

[Event] GEW Taiwan 2012 Kick-Off with Minister of Economic Affairs

David was so honored to be invited to attend on the kick-off of GEW Taiwan 2012 with Taiwan government top officials. At the same event, David was invited as panel speakers with the ex-executive of Groupon Taiwan (now, the co-founder of Kuo Brother Group – top e-commerce platform in Asia) VIP Guests Government officials Minister […]