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除了政府設立的育成聚落、民間加速器,有很多的大專院校裡都有附設新創育成單位,很榮幸這次iiiNNO受北科大新創新育成中心的邀請,一起共同舉辦創業夥伴媒合工作坊! (203)

【How-To】What does startup CEO need to do? How to be a better and stronger startup CEO?

Regardless of what reason brought you to this article, whether if you and your co-founder are deciding who should be the CEO or if you are working for a startup and trying to assess how you can help your team or your CEO or you simply want to become a better and stronger startup CEO, […]

[Entrepreneurship Mindset] iiiNNO Top 3 Pick of Y Combinator Startup School Training – How to perform at next level

These 3 videos are probably ones of our favorite YC startup school lessons. These sharing and insights address frequent questions or challenges founders face.  At iiiNNO, we help entrepreneurs and startup companies to accelerate 10X. The things the speaker shared blew out of our minds, and hopefully the knowledge will also help you all.  The […]

[perspective] leadership is about making accountable choice, reaching out and creating a safe environment | Simon Sinek

Are you currently in a leadership position or you are about to lead a project or team? This is the post that will enhance or change the way you look at leadership from a different angle. I always thought that leadership is about bringing people together and assign tasks to achieve a common goal while […]

[perspective] What does success really mean? How to measure by Simon Sinek

    What does being successful really mean? Is it simply reaching a record or being covered by the media? What does one needs to do to ensure staying at top of the game.  成功的真正含義是什麼?它僅僅是突破一個紀錄,還是被媒體報導? 到底要做哪些事情,才能確保持續保持在巔峰呢? international known speaker and innovator Simon Sinek points out that success should not only be measured against whether if […]

[創業觀點] 創業的第一步,到底是要找人還是想點子啊? 原來是要先突破自己的天花板!

創業不就是透過自己澆不息的熱情,找到一群可以信任互補技能的朋友或夥伴,來實現自己的想法,創造出一個有價值能賺錢的生品或服務嗎? 這就不是我們長期社會或書籍裡所描述的創業手法嗎? 如果不是,那創業的第一步到底要幹嘛啊? 那如果真的是要突破自己的天花板,那這個到底是哪樣的狀況呢? (2536)

[David創業日記] 如果先前知道創業是那麼困難,這十年來我不會去創業兩次!

  這十年多來,我創業過兩次,後果都是很慘烈收場。如果當初我知道這個選擇背後要付出的是這樣大的代價,以及每天面對的挑戰是那麼難的課題,我真的不會選擇這條路。至少不會在充滿了傻勁和沒有正確的觀念準備下,就冒然的跳下去。 但是有趣的矛盾點也在這兩段經驗,讓我有機會進入創業導師和投資管理的領域。因為自己有實際創業失敗的經歷,更能以過來人的角色來協助在創業路上的夥伴,來分享創業可能遇到的盲點及需要能力加強的領域。 至今從百位輔導過的創業者身上,更能強烈地感受到創業者背後要付出的代價真的值得敬佩,不管最後面對到的是99%的失敗率或是1%的成功率。 (4112)